Some called Dofasco the best little steel mill in the
world. Never the biggest, never the loudest, but the
best. The reputation was garnered through much
more than the steel it coiled year after year. Rather,
it was also a testament to the collective power of
the company and employees to build the strength
of its community through accountability, leadership,
employee relations and philanthropy. 
In the early 1990s, the company was one of the first
to embrace the triple bottom line – People, Profit,
Planet – and was the first steel company in the
world to earn a place on the prestigious Dow Jones
Sustainability World Index. 
In 2006, this strength began to makes its way
around the world when the company’s philanthropy
and legendary leadership and volunteerism in
the community took their place prominently
in ArcelorMittal’s corporate responsibility and
foundation networks and initiatives. 
The ArcelorMittal Foundation was created in
and is a not-for-profit organization focused
on building the communities in which the
company operates.
Hamilton employees get involved in the global
Foundation efforts through mini-grant programs
supporting organizations they volunteer with,
Solidarity Holiday assignments by which employees
spend their holiday working on a Foundation project
abroad, or partnership projects with other sites.
Coupled with employees’ work in Hamilton each
and everyday from food drives to home builds, the
employees of that best little steel mill in the world
are changing lives from around the corner to around
the world.
Community strength, from around
the corner to around the world
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The ArcelorMittal corporate responsibility and
foundation teams implement community projects around the world.
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In Hamilton, ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s philanthropy and
employee volunteer efforts are renowned. In its 100th year, the
company launched Team Orange (6, 9), a volunteer corps of more
than 150 employees.