A 100th anniversary is an extraordinary
milestone. Less than 1%of companies have
marked 100 years in business.
Dominion Steel Castings Co. Ltd. began
modestly in 1912, but has grown to be one
of Canada’smost iconic companies.
People have always been our strength and
our competitive advantage. It is our people
that have andwill continue to embody the
values of our company, truly understand
our customers’ needs, build relationships
with suppliers, develop new technology,
imagine newproducts and build our
community’s strength.
Through a century’s commitment to
continuous improvement, innovation and
ingenuity, a small foundry has grown into
an integral part of ArcelorMittal, a global
steel andmining powerhouse. More than
ArcelorMittal Dofasco steelmakers
are not only tapping local furnaces, but also
tapping into the collective knowledge, best
practices and research and technology of a
quarter million colleagues across the globe.
Strong companiesmeet challenges head on.
ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s achievements are in
part due to our ongoing ability to stay ahead
of the curve, react swiftly and persevere
through periods of immense change to
emerge stronger.
Our 100th anniversary is asmuch about
looking forward as it is about honouring our
past and all thosewho have had a hand in
shaping this great company. Approximately
employees have been part of the
journey. Each day is a critical step along the
path to our future. Our stories are rich and
achievements impressive –many of which
are captured in the following pages.
As we embark on our second century of
steelmaking fromour home in Hamilton,
we are celebrating our venerable past and
building on it with our sights firmly set on
transforming tomorrow.
Our future is here – This is us.
The future starts here
Juergen G. Schachler
President and CEO
ArcelorMittal Dofasco