The story began with a hefty dose
of entrepreneurial spirit peppered
with the determination to succeed.
Along the way, the chapters have
unfolded with tales of challenges spun
into opportunity.
Who could have known that Dofasco
would ultimately grow into one of
Canada’s iconic companies? Who could
have known that it would build a city’s
identity and be the muscle behind its
strength? Who could have known it
would travel from the street corners
of Hamilton to the four corners of
the world?
As ArcelorMittal Dofasco, “the best
little steel mill in the world”, sets out
on its second century in Hamilton,
Ontario, its heirloom recipe for success
remains unchanged.
Our product is steel.
Our strength is people.
Our home is Hamilton.
And we are transforming tomorrow.
Imagination is the secret reservoir
of the human race.”
An entry from “Dofasco Dan says –“ the long time column of Dan Hassel,
vice president of industrial relations, that first appeared in Dofasco’s
Illustrated News in 1946.
The next century