This is us
Text: Marie Verdun, John Best, Stew Farago
Photography: BankoMedia, Dofasco archives, Vytas Beniusis, Joseph Bucci,
Raj Tahkar, Alan Tone, Stephen Waterfall
Illustration: Daniel Banko, Janeen Banko, Dofasco archives, Jim Ridge,
Andrea Warnick
Research: Margaret Wells
Editorial Advisors: Peter R. Bailey, Brian Benko, Carolyne Darimont, Alice
Desrocher, John Holditch, Norm Lockington, Bob Savage, Tony Valeri,
Margaret Wells
Design: BankoMedia
Printing: Aylmer Express
Fonts: VAG Rounded and Foundry Sterling
Cover: Cougar Cover Smooth White
Text: Solutions Feltweave
This paper has been certified to meet the environmental and social
standards of the Forest Stewardship Council
and comes from
responsibly managed forests, and verified recycled sources.
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ISBN 978-0-9881417-0-4
Published by ArcelorMittal, 2012
Printed in Canada