Just what the
doctor ordered
It’s no secret that healthy employees
make happy and productive employees;
and that means a fine-tuned, productive
team. In its early years, Dofasco offered
employees free primary medical and dental
care along with first aid to keep its team
at the top. With the advent of Ontario’s
first government-run health plan in 1966,
the company continued to offer on-
site services and to promote health and
wellness among employees.
In 1967, a state-of-the-art medical
centre was opened and was home to the
medical, dental, emergency, first aid and
safety operations as well as the Human
Resources department. The centre had
a staff of 55 and was the second largest
in North America. The D. F. Hassel Centre
was named for Dan Hassel who was on
hand for the first pour of steel in 1912 and
who had a 60-year career. “Dofasco Dan”
would eventually become vice president,
industrial relations as well as a director of
the company. Hassel was the driving force
behind many of the company’s progressive
and unique policies and programs.
From doing head to toe pre-screening,
responding to on the job injuries, or
providing preventative counsel, the
company’s Integrated Health team has
cared for thousands of employees. Over
the years the emphasis shifted from
treatment to prevention of many common
health issues.
Employees have access to on-site fitness
centres, weight control and smoking
cessation programs, as well as access to
on-site fitness professionals allowing them
to embark on an active lifestyle. A cross
functional team of employee volunteers
called The Lifestyle Resource Group leads
fitness classes, promotes healthy living
and organizes and hosts the Safety and
Wellness Days. A biannual event, the
Safety and Wellness days is a three day
wellness extravaganza where employees,
retirees and their families learn about
healthy living, safety at home and work,
and green living.
Over the years, the company has also
participated in many joint research
initiatives with McMaster University
Health Sciences on a range of study
areas including global epidemiological and
environmental health.
The Integrated Health Program is a
long term relentless push to ensure
employee wellness – physical, social and
mental wellbeing.