The legendary Illustrated News employee
newspaper was launched in 1937, a time
when a formal employee communications
program was rare.
From the beginning, the company determined
that the Illustrated News would be a quality
publication in every aspect. It featured top-notch
professional photography, quality paper stock and
the allocation of sufficient human resources to
ensure quality writing and presentation.
Editorially, Illustrated News directly addressed
labour management relations with a series of
formal articles promoting productivity, safety,
pride, company and innovation. These pieces
were reinforced by a more homespun approach
in columns by Dave Richardson (Uncle Dave) and
later Dan Hassel (Dofasco Dan). Typical of Uncle
Dave’s observations: “The boss is always glad to
see the fellow back from his vacation who is glad
to be back” or “It isn’t what you start that counts -
it’s what you finish.”
A key feature of the publication was its emphasis
on extensive photo spreads showing employees,
their families and social activities. Through
the World War II years, the Illustrated News
boosted morale by reminding employees what a
vital role they played in supporting the war effort.
Gradually Illustrated News moved to a full colour
format and began to include stories about
Canadian cultural and historical themes. When
the Illustrated News broadened its editorial
range, the company launched News & Views
in 1971 and designed it to be the prime
internal publication for employees. In 2002, the
Illustrated News’ 65-year run ended, while News
and Views ended a 32-year run in 2003 when it was
replaced by the Dofasco Leader.
Upon joining the ArcelorMittal family, a new
publication, 1 Magazine, was launched in 2009.
Magazine brought a global perspective to
Hamilton, welcoming local employees into the
ArcelorMittal world.
Through seven decades of change and growth,
high quality publications continue to be a hallmark
of ArcelorMittal Dofasco.
A storied approach to news