that the man
interrupted by
After 100 years you might imagine
that the simple question “Who are we?”
would be easily answered. Yet in many
ways it’s the most challenging question
that any person or organization can ask.
We’re a steel company. We make steel.
But we’ve always made more than that.
We made headway and headlines with
our innovations in processes, policies and
products. We’ve made solutions our way
of doing business, and we made change a
way of life.
Yes, we make steel. We also make
investments in hope, help and tomorrow.
We make healthcare, education and the
arts a priority. We make Cats roar, and
music rock. And we still make Christmas
a party.
In 2012, on top of all that, we’re
making history.
Who we are isn’t simply about where
we’ve been or what we have done. In
fact, it’s more about what we are capable
of doing. And perhaps even more than
that, it’s about knowing who we want
to become.
What started in September 1912 as a
local steel mill is now an integral part of
a worldwide steelmaking powerhouse.
We have gone from thinking global to
being global, from the street corners
of Hamilton to the four corners of
the world.
And so, as we proudly celebrate our
first 100 years we’re doing more than
just tipping our cap to the past, we’re
renewing the foundation of our future
ushering in an exciting new era of
partnership and opportunity.
Who are we? We are steel and the
people who make it. We are ArcelorMittal
Dofasco and we’re building on our past to
transform tomorrow.
This is us